Our Work

KZCT Scholarship Program

The KZCT Scholarship Program aims to provide financial aid to those students who exhibit academic potential but don’t have the means to pursue their education. Applicants are selected on the basis of their academic performance and socio-economic background. Currently, our efforts are concentrated in 12 districts of Karnataka.

With the help of our donors, we hope to expand to the remaining districts of Karnataka in the coming years, and to other parts of India as well.

Gems of the Nation Program

This is an initiative to motivate those students who have excelled during the academic year under the trust’s support. These gems are awarded with medals and prizes to encourage them to continue with their higher education.

Course wise Information

Funding Healthcare Projects

KZCT has also lent its support to the following organizations in order to fund healthcare projects in the country:

Care foundation:

CARE Foundation is a registered non profit society with the mandate of making quality health care affordable and accessible to all through appropriate use of Technology. The Foundation has been established by a group of medical scientists and technologists with the stated mission of making advanced comprehensive healthcare affordable and accessible to all. The Foundation is a non-profit organization and is registered as a society under Andhra Pradesh Society Act 1365F.

You can visit: www.carefoundation.org.in

N. Swain Memorial Trust

Aakar Asha (a unit of N. Swain Memorial Trust founded in 2001) aims to enable the Physically Disabled persons in India to achieve a near normal quality of life through state of the art Reconstructive Surgery, Advanced Rehabilitation Medicine, cutting edge Research and Community based Rehabilitation.

You can visit: www.aakarasha.org

Yuvak Pratishthan

Yuvak Pratishthan is a registered Non-Government Organisation, dedicated to social, cultural and constructive causes for last 25 years. It provides an open platform for all youth to come together, join hands and participate for different causes and issues.

You can visit: www.ypmumbai.in

Little Sisters of Poor

KZCT has been providing support services to Home for the Aged run by the Little Sisters of the Poor, is home to 135 elderly people.

Creating awareness about Government Educational Schemes

The State and Central Governments undertake many social welfare schemes to help the poor and the marginalized. Unfortunately, not many people in villages and rural areas are even aware that such benefits exist and therefore these schemes fail to reach those in need. KZCT aims to help the Government in its efforts to reach the underprivileged communities by running awareness campaigns.

Socio-economic development

Future focus areas of KZCT include active socio-economic development of the marginalized communities. Women empowerment programs have been envisioned wherein women will be taught income generation skills, while widows and orphan girls will benefit from livelihood support programs and housing schemes. The poor and the needy will receive financial assistance to set up their own businesses.